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06.04.2012: Hoyer 5060 Les Paul (Thick Body) added to the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

06.04.2012: Ibanez Performer PF300 BK added to the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

18.05.2012:  Klira Magic Sound added in the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

21.05.2012: New Option "Show us your guitar"  / Upload a picture of your guitar.

01.07.2012:  80er Aria LS-700 BS added as a Gallery

10.10.2012:  Aria LC-800 added to the  Gallery "Vintage-Guitars" and as a Gallery

10.10.2012:  Kramer XKG added to the  Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

10.10.2012:  Aria LS-700 added to  the  Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

14.03.2013:  Aria PE-Deluxe KV added to the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars" and as a Gallery

15.03.2013: Kawai KS12 added to the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

16.03.2013:  Kramer 650G added to the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars" and as a Gallery

30.04.2013: El Maya EM-1300 added to the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

25.05.2013 El Maya EM-1300 added as a Gallery

08.08.2013 Aria MK-1300 added to the Gallery "Vintage Guitars"

08.08.2013 The Kasuga SC-900 added to the Gallery "Vintage Guitars"

08.08.2013 Aria MK-1300 added as a Gallery

31.10.2013 Riverhead 5827 (Headway) added to the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

26.01.2014 Westone Prestige 150 added to the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

20.04.2014 Aria PE-1000GC (Gerry Cott) added to the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

21.04.2014 Aria PE-1000GC (Gerry Cott) added as a Gallery

21.04.2014 Link about the Matsumoku History with great pics

25.01.2015 Westone Prestige 227 added to the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

05.11.2015 Westbury Standard added the the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

05.12.2015: Aria Urchin 100 (U100) added as a Gallery

06.02.2016: Videos - Guitars in Action added

08.02.2016: Kasuga SC-900 (The Kasuga Scorpion) added as a Gallery

20.03.2016 Video Aria Cardinal added

26.03.2016 Video Kasuga SC-900 added

26.03.2016 Video Aria PE-1000GC (Gerry Cott Signature) added

26.03.2016. Video Aria Urchin 100 (U100) added

26.03.2016 Video Washburn Eagle added

26.03.2016 Video Kramer 650G added

20.11.2016 Video Vantage VA-800 added

29.01.2017 Videos of the youtube-channel linked in alphabetic order to the site

09.03.2017 Video Kawai KS-11 added

10.03.2017 Kawai KS-11 added to the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

10.03.2017 Westone Thunder II-A added to the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

25.03.2017 Yasuki (Matsumoku) added to the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

25.03.2017 Yasuki (Matsumoku) added as a Gallery

28.05.2017 Video Washburn A20 Stage Series (Yamaki) added

10.01.2018 Video Aria pro II EX-750 added

04.02.2018 Video Washburn Falcon added

17.02.2018 Video Westone Thunder II-A added

31.03.2018 Video Torchy (Bell, Memphis etc.) added

11.08.2018 Video Aria Pro II PE-80 added

15.02.2019 Video Aztec Les Paul Custom added

28.02.2019 Video Aria pro Ii PE-600D added

03.03.2019 Video Aria LS-700 added

02.06.2019 Video Washburn Hawk added

11.08.2019 Video Ibanez Blazer BL300 added

03.11.2019 Video Epiphine Genesis Deluxe added

26.01.2020 Video Hoyer HG-652 added

09.02.2020 Video Fenix Les Paul added

23.02.2020 Video Washburn Eagle added

28.07.2020 Westone prestige 117 added to gallery "Vintage Guitars"

02.08.2020 Video Westone Prestige 117 added 

23.08.2020 Video Hoyer Eagle Professional added

09.09.2020 Video Ibanez Performer PF-300 added

18.09.2020 Video Kawai KS-10XL added

26.09.2020 Video Aria LS-600P added

24.10.2020 Video Epiphone by Gibson S-400 added

11.12.2020 Video Greco EG-600 added

17.01.2021 Kawai AQ-650 added to the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars" 

17.01.2021 Video Kawai Aquarius AQ-605 added

08.05.2021 Video Daion Power Mark XX added

15.05.2021 Video Yamaha SG-1300 added

30.06.2021 Video Kawai F1 Junior added

08.08.2021 Video Aria Pro II LS-700 added

12.10.2021 Johnny Guitar Pro II added to Gallery „Vintage Guitars“

12.10.2021 Video Johnny pro II added

30.10.2021 Vantage VA-812 added to Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

07.11. 2021 H.S. Anderson Series I added to Gallery Vintage Guitars

21.11.2021 Video H.S. Anderson added

24.12.2021 Westone Prestige 250 added to gallery Vintage Guitars

03.01.2022 Video Westone Prestige 250 added

16.01.2022 Video Ibanez Studio Series ST-105 added

12.02.2022 Video Aria Cardinal CS-400 added

26.02.2022 Video Aria U100 Urchin added

15.03.2022 Video Aria PE-R80 added

16.03.2022 "Wotan" Guitar added to gallery "Vintage Guitars"

15.04.2022 Video "Ibanez PF-300" added

27.05.2022 Video Washburn Falcon added

03.06.2022 Westone Thunder II-A (1981) added to gallery "Vintage Guitars"

17.06.2022 Video Westone Thunder II-A added

18.09.2022 Video Hoyer HG-652/S added

19.09.2022 Video Aria CS-400 added

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