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Wotan "The Shark" - imported around 1980 in little numbers (ca. 1.000) by a german trade-company for classical instruments (especially harps). Produced by Terada in Japan round about 1980.

Another model of the Wotan "The Shark. This guitar has never been branded . There are slight differences to the "Wotan"-model. But the controls are the same: Master-Volume, Master-Tone, two Mini-Toggles for Single-Coil-Optio for the great sounding OEM-DiMarzio-Humbuckers

The Wotan was originally designed by the famous french Luthier Kamel Chenaouy - back than the importer of Alembic and B.C. Rich Guitars in France. The Similarities to the BC-Rich-Style are obvious. Never went in serial production because Kamel Chenaouy prefered another by him developed guitar-line (Apex) which was manufactured in large numbers by Kasuga.

"Wotan"-Guitars were produced just in little numbers for a few years..The quality is on a very high standard.

Wotan Guitars werde traded by "pro musica et arte" - and produced by Terada in Japan in the early 80's.

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